Don’t Share Your Home With These Pests

Don’t Share Your Home With These Pests

by  | Oct 25, 2018 | Pest Control

Call Pest Control to Get Rid of Them

Wild animals wander anywhere they can and little pests make their dwelling in whatever filthy place they can find. With that in mind, your home is definitely not safe from the threat of pests making their way in the crevices. You’ll find them almost anywhere if you haven’t prevented them from getting into your property. They shouldn’t be welcome as they carry plenty of dangerous risks with them. Make sure to call a pest control service if you find any of these creatures lurking within your property:


Bees can pollinate the flowers and plants you have, so they certainly aren’t all that bad. However, too many of them in your property can definitely pose some risks, and all signs point to a hive somewhere. Make sure to have it removed the safest way possible, so have a pest control service do it for you.


These burrowing rodents can definitely destroy the sanctity of your garden and landscape, so have a service humanely remove them from your property.


Rats are surely a carrier of a wide variety of diseases, so don’t waste any time if you find any scurrying around different parts of your property.


No one would want termites to chew up their property from the inside out. These insects are definitely a structural hazard you can’t ignore, so have an exterminator get rid of the entire colony immediately.


These mischievous scamps may look cute, but they can surely carry rabies. They’ll also rummage through your rubbish, so make sure not to play with any of them.

These pests can definitely disturb the peace in your property, so don’t hesitate to call a reliable pest control service to take care of them. We at Jay's Advantage Pest Control are definitely a service in Opelousas, LA you can trust for that, so call us at (337) 422-3181 today.